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Home made food for five week old kittens?

My cat have three adorable kittens…everything was fine, until about four days ago, when I noticed they make more noise than usual. I called the vet, to be sure and he says everything is fine…more than fine. Kittens need more food than mother can provide in this moment, as they are very big :)
Anyway, I was relieved to hear that…vet recommended me some food for kittens of that age, but here is a problem: that’s all industrially made food. I give my cats only natural, home cooked or prepared food, so they can be healthy and strong (as I noticed canned or dry food many times made them feel bad). So I’m wondering, is there some food for kittens of that age, that could be home prepared? Vet just nodded when I asked, but said nothing more…guess he’s more for a industrially version.
Any cat owners/experts on this subject, that could help? Thanks in advance :D
Haha, don’t presume, please :)
When I said cooking, I meant cleaning from dangerous parts (like tiny bones and stuff), chopping and similar. My cats eat poultry, fish and meat. I add cooked rice to the diet, time to time, by the vet’s suggestion and add some raw carrots and pumpkin seeds, for their better digestion and to prevent worms…as most of my cats lived to an old age (like fifteen) and the ones who live now are healthy and happy, no, I don’t think this diet is killing them
Oh, yeah…I don’t give anything to kittens yet…hope to hear few more opinions before I do :)

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ok my kitten is only about 7 weeks old, and i noticed these brown things on him. I know their fleas ive looked at pictures and they jump and whatever. Well today i went to pet smart and got the powder for my carpet and i bought some spray i sprayed my couches and everything and i even put a sheet and stuff over my couches just so like my kitten wont like try licking the furniture and you know die or anything, well i bathed him after i sprayed and powdered my whole apartment well after i bathed him i pulled like five fleas off of him and thats all i could honestly find after i cleaned him up i locked him in the bathroom so i could vacuum up the powder that was all over the apartment, now what do i do…??? he’s still biting himself and where he bites i immediately grab him and search cuz i dont see them anywhere in my apartment i mean i know they are there but people sometimes tell me they get them soo bad where you can see them jump around yeahhh i dont see them doing that. so he’s still biting and he kinda just went to sleep but should i give him another bath? i can’t take him to the vet till tues its not open till tues

what else should i do i can’t buy him a flea collar he’s too young i can’t even use any flea shampoo on him he’s too little ive been using baby shampoo *johnsons* im tellin you this stuff is so annoying and i keep feeling like im gettin bit and shit i think he’s all in my head cuz i keep thinking about it….
im not a dirty person so this is makin me very uncomfortable and everything just help me i did the flea spray and powder and they say they are good up to 7 months of killing fleas and eggs and everything else for 210 days… so now what just keep vaccumming???

your kitten has to be at least 12 weeks to get the frontline drops or anything like that
are they eggs like closer to their skin or can they just be chilling on their fur so visible i can’t tell if their fuzzies or if their like eggs

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