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Cute sleepy kittens

4 week old kittens trying not to fall asleep just after being hand fed.

Random Mondays – Sleeping Kittens.

Welcome to the fifth episode of Random Mondays! Where I make a random video from 10 seconds to at least a minute. In this episode, I thought I would share a cute video with you guys. This is a minute of four stray kittens sleeping. This was originally recorded in April 5th of 2010 so the kittens are long gone. Three of them were caught, tamed and given out. One sadly died from being the weakest link or from a spider bite, it was never found. If you want me to make a video of your suggestion, post them below. If I use your suggestion, I will give credit to you by linking to your channel. Enjoy, have a nice day and cya in the next video. ~Swordking090~