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When Kitties Collide: Epic Battle of Kitten’s Lives.

PICK YOUR SIDE NOW: Patron (Black and white with the big wobbly head.) Kahlua AKA “The ChoCho” (Mustard kitty.) In this feature film: Epic sibling rivalry documented nearly 2 of these 7 week old kitten’s lives. Here, their struggle for dominance and the title of who is the cutest is constant battle. No animals were harmed in the making of this film, although I would have to say that The ChoCho’s never seemed the same after getting her head jackhammered by Patron’s rabbit-like hind-legs. Don’t forget to Rate & Refer! Filmed and Marketed by Arlene Schag Snappy Editing by Beau Carrillo

Sleepy Kittens Pt. 1

Two 4 week old kittens falling asleep. For more videos of Runti and Einstein, please visit my channel! These little guys are in desperate need of a loving home. For more info go here: www.youtube.com