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Bijou the Orphan Kitten Being Supremely Cute

This is baby Bijou. She is an orphan and I am bottle feeding her. She is so cute she will cause your head to explode. She makes my head explode on a regular basis. :-) If you notice, her front legs are crooked. This is called radial hypoplasia. You can read about it more on: www.messybeast.com She was born this way by a chance mutation. I am going to make lots of videos documenting her growth and how she adapts to life with her disability. There is a breeder in Texas purposely breeding these deformed cats and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention. DO NOT buy a “twisty cat” from someone “breeding” them. It is unethical to breed cats with the intent to create these deformities. Bijou’s mother and brother’s and sisters are completely normal. The mother would not take care of her so I intervened. Thank you so much for watching!

Cat bath! How to wash a cat, cleaning cats with towel baths. Catnip, Scottish Fold stretch yoga pose

Scottish Fold fat cat Basil Farrow is back! — www.lacarmina.com In this new video, the celebrity cat stretches like a tiger and preys on catnip. Then he gets his ears and body cleaned, using a wet towel! Unlike most cats, Basil is gentle and well-behaved. Isn’t the moment at 2:15 precious?? *** Add us on TWITTER? twitter.com *** Please visit BASIL’S BLOG! See more cute Scottish Fold kitty pictures: lacarmina.com *** For more, come friend him on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com *** Please subscribe to my channel: www.youtube.com ——- LA CARMINA – www.lacarmina.com – is a travel + fashion + pop culture TV host, coolhunter, journalist for CNN, AOL and Huffington Post, and author of 3 books — including Cute Yummy Time (Penguin) and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo (Random House). Her popular blog – www.lacarmina.com – on alternative travel, underground fashion and bizarre subcultures has been featured in major media (New Yorker, Washington Post, LA Times, The Guardian, WWD). La Carmina heads a coolhunting firm – www.lacarmina.com – that provides trend consulting, translation and film/TV fixing chiefly in Japan and Asia. She is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. TV hosting credits include: The Today Show, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel Channel, NHK Japan, Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Fuel TV / Discovery Channel / National Geographic, Canal Plus France, Norway TV (NRK), Belgium TV (VRT) and CNN International. Full hosting resume and TV