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Cat Animation Baggy’s Scrapbook

Cat Animation “Baggy’s Scrapbook” is the story of my cat. I created a rough 3D model of him back in 2002. I had some skit ideas at that time, but not an overall story idea. I finally decided to make a collection of his weird little quirks and thought about maybe presenting them in a photo album type of thing, in this fashion, every photo in the book would represent a different episode and that’s how each little story would begin. In early 2005, I did a sketch of Baggy standing on the toilet drinking, and that is what sparked this episode “Eau de’ Toilet”. I pitched the idea to my friend Craig Bowman, and he was completely into it, so I started remodeling Baggy and when I finalized the model, I passed him over to Craig to rig while I worked on the bathroom set and story sketches, finally, both of us were animating little Baggy. This is the result of our work and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. -Mike Duhatschek and Craig Bowman www.baggysscrapbook.com

Funny Cute Lol Cats

a short vid i made including many funny cat pictures, enjoy :) . music: dashboard confessional – stolen