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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs and Cats. Friends or Foes? The conflict between the species, like the debate between their owners, has continued for centuries. International best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive finally puts the debate to rest by teaming up with world renowned photographer Rachael Hale to present Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats (Andrews McMeel Publishing, .99). Penned by the author whose prose has sold more than 15 million books in 115 countries, BTG writes from the perspective of one who knows and tells. But be advised his delightful discourse is no diatribe. He is prodog, not anticat. homeandcrafts.andrewsmcmeel.com

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Names for kittens!!!! Help!?

Ok, so yesterday I got these adorable kittens. They are both males. My mom took over one of ‘em, I got the cuter one of course. Haha, well anyway…Mine looks like Garfield, you know? The orange stripped kind of looking ones? Lol, yeah. Moms’ is a black & grayish stripped one. We’ve been thinking about the names…and well…so far, we got nothing. We’ve also been probably planning on naming them with pair names. (Cheech & Chong, Tic & Tac, This one & That one, etc.) But, I kind of want a badass, like when someone asks what their name is be like, "Omfg that’s an awesome name." You know? Lol, please give me your suggestions, it could be anything related. Such as….Marijuana names, alcohol related, lmfao anything! Nothing plain, simple, and boring. Like you would expect a cat’s name to be. Gimme some epic names pples!

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