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Extremely cute kittens !!


KITTENS BEING BORN!!!! (6-8-11 Day 24)

BABY KITTENS BEING BORN!!! Today was our last day living with my cousins in Orange. We move out today into our first apartment. First thing we did though was go for a 5 mile walk with my cousin….i was def lagging behind. When we got home, their cat started to have its babies. I got some video but I was a little grossed out so I didn’t want to get all up in that at all. Then we had a goodbye lunch at Islands burger which was delicious. Then it was off to the apartment. It took us a good while to move everything out of the car and into the apartment as you can see i the video. Then it was off to our second home…CHILIS!!!! Finally I got my TV somewhat hooked up and it actually turned on….SCORE!! www.twitter.com/TheJoshuaAdam