Cat ownership has been a highlight of my life for years.  However, one of these frustrating facets of dealing with cats is their incredibly independent and sometimes, stubborn nature.  The little fur-balls don’t come with instruction manuals and sometimes, working with your kitty requires some trial and error.

What if I could help you save some time and frustration with a cat guidebook which gives you some really practical, powerful tips and advice.  It’s called ‘Cat Training Secrets! Learn the Cat Training Secrets of the Pros!‘.

Cat Training Secrets!

Cat Training Secrets! Learn the Cat Training Secrets of the Pros!

In this handy guide, you will learning things like:

  • The ingeniously simple secret, that when known by cat-owners, will have your cat wanting to spend more time with you!
  • REVEALED! Does your cat REALLY form a bond and emotional attachments with YOU…the owner?
  • Discover the 5 crucial things that will determine whether a cat will be friendly and sociable to humans AND adaptable – Not 1 in 100 cat-owners knows this!
  • Can cats really be encouraged to bond with you more? This is the key to a real relationship with your cat. And you’ll learn how to do this in detail! (HINT: You”ll really enjoy this!)
  • The 7 essential keys to get your cat to like you! If you want your cat to like you, and to feel that you’re a true companion, then these steps are what you’ve been looking for!
  • What are the 5 factors that are so important when deciding on which breed of cat will make a good match for you?
  • Learn the 7 signs of stress and anxiety in your cat – just knowing what to do when you see these could prevent a full-on behavioral problem just waiting to happen!
  • What to never do when you have a litter tray problem!
  • How to get your cat to use the litter tray right from the beginning (and how these power techniques are different to your solution to correcting changes in litter box behavior).
  • Secrets to telling the difference between inappropriate peeing and spraying – and why this is SO important.
  • How often specifically should you clean your litter tray? (Learn what happens when you do too MUCH and too LITTLE litter box cleaning!)
  • Why your outdoor cat is now suddenly peeing indoors. This is what you must do (and it’s notjust retaining her).
  • and much, much more

There are also some special bonuses included:

  • How to Teach Your Cat to Perform Tricks
  • Cat Massage – You Too, Can Be a Cat Massage Expert
  • Bathing Your Cat – How to Bathe Your Cat and Enjoy the Process
  • The Best Internet Resources for the Discerning Cat Owner